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Wild Wild West Grand Marshals

Birgit "Bee" Powell

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Birgit "Bee" Powell's biography reflects an extraordinary life of adventure, passion, and expertise. Her story is one of a dynamic individual who combines her love for outdoor activities and her professional skills in architecture and real estate to lead a fulfilling and accomplished life.

Early Life and Passion for Adventure: From a young age, Bee was drawn to the excitement of the outdoors. Skydiving on the German National team, Horseback riding, traveling, and a general love for adventures have been constant themes in her life. Those who know her describe Bee as a bundle of energy, competitive and resourceful. This inner drive and motivation are not just part of her personality but the core of who she is.

Professional Career in Architecture: Professionally, Bee made her mark as an architect. She worked in Sydney, Australia as well as at the prestigious BRT architecture firm in Hamburg, where she honed her skills and managed significant projects. Her architectural background not only shaped her career but also influenced her approach to building a well recognized Real Estate Brand – viewing every transaction as a project that needs to be finished on time, within budget and negotiated to the utmost satisfaction of her customers.
Skydiving and National Recognition: Bee's adventurous spirit led her to skydiving, where she excelled to the point of being recruited for the German National Skydiving Team. She retired from the sport to become a competitive equestrian in the jumper division. Her achievements in her sports highlight her ability to push boundaries and her commitment to excel in everything she undertakes.
Moving to the United States and Family Life: Seeking new horizons, Bee moved to the United States, a move that marked a new chapter in her personal and professional life. Here, she started a family, changed careers and hobbies, blending her adventurous spirit with the joys and responsibilities of family and work life.

Real Estate Investment and Expertise: Bee's venture into real estate investment showcases her multifaceted talents and her ability to apply her skills in diverse areas. Her personal experience as a real estate investor gives her a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in buying and selling properties. Bee excels in creating excitement or a "buzz" around properties, drawing in qualified buyers and securing top-dollar offers.

Leveraging Architectural Skills in Real Estate: Bee's architectural background is a significant asset in her real estate career. She brings valuable insights into dealing with floor plans, construction and recognizing potential in properties. Her ability to see beyond the present state of a property to its possibilities is a unique strength that benefits her clients.

In conclusion, Birgit "Bee" Powell's life is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and versatility. Whether it's excelling in a high-adrenaline sport, mastering the complexities of architecture, or navigating the real estate market, Bee brings her all to every endeavor. Her story is an inspiration, proving that with the right attitude and drive, one can achieve excellence in multiple spheres of life.

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Brian Diaz

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Born in New York, Brian spent most of his life in the heart of Central Florida, proudly calling Deland his home. His wife, Candi, and Brian are both alumni of Deland Middle School, Deland High School, and the University of Central Florida. Additionally, he is an alumnus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Their family includes two wonderful boys – Caiden, an 11-year-old 6th grader at Deland Middle School, and Caleb, a 7-year-old 2nd grader at Freedom Elementary.

With four decades of residency in Central Florida, Brian possesses an extensive knowledge of the local area. Actively engaged in our community, Brian serves on the School Advisory Council at Freedom Elementary and takes pride in being a co-captain on the leadership team of the elementary school's All Pro Dad Chapter helping to provide guidance and mentorship to the children in our community.

In his career as a Realtor® with Keller Williams Advantage, Brian's primary objective is to guide and support clients through the complexities of selling or buying their homes. His approach focuses on streamlining the process, minimizing stress, and ensuring efficiency. Simultaneously, he is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive education, positioning himself as their trusted local economist of choice.

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