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Nancy Lane 1929-32
1932-33 Genevieve Sams
1933-34 Ruth Baguley
1934-35 Nina Whitehair
1935-37 Barbara Reimer
1937-38 Edith Anderson
1938-39 Margaret Peek
1939-40 Myrtle Freeman
1940-41 Edna Mae Tatum
1941-42 Ibby Acree
1942-43 Helen Patillo
1943-45 Libby West
1945-46 Fannye Collins
1946-47 Totsie Stoudenmire
1947-48 Sarah Rodes
1948-49 Julia Fuller
1949-50 Brookie Moroz
1950-51 Gracie Fisher
1951-53 Betty Pollard
1953-54 Florence Martin
1954-56 Betty Lee Hussey Durden
1956-57 Margaret Culp
1957-59 Nalda Carlson
1959-60 Lucy Whitaker
1960-61 Dot Brown 
Succeeded by Martha Johns
1961-62 Marjorie Humston
1962-63 Sue Hilton 
Succeeded by Polly Gunby
1963-64 Nancy Roberts
1964-65 Joy Mancinik​

1965-67 Ann Husfield
1967-68 Rene Sands
1968-69 Gayle Proctor Koan
1969-70 Lorraine Nordman
​1970-72 Jonni Jordan
1972-73 Carol Ott
1973-75 Ann Bess
1975-76 Sharon Ford
1976-77 Gayla Haynie
1977-79 Su Freeman
1979-80 Eleanor Griffin

​1980-81 Flora Blount
1981-82 Barbara Rano
1982-83 Debbie Peterson
1983-84 Julie Baumgartner
1984-85 Marti Walker
1985-86 Debbie Taylor
1986-87 Leslie Whalen
1987-88 Chris Reynolds
1988-89 Pam Rintz
1989-90 Kathy Kelton1

1990-91 Vincetta For

1991-92 Mary Ann Brawner

Melody Hall 1992-93

1993-94 Judy Birnie
1994-95 Kris Jancha
1995-96 Denise DeLuca
1996-97 Susie Batten
1997-98 Jennifer Griffis
1998-99 Buffy Williams
1999-00 Debbie Dunn

2000-01 Lisa Carter
2001-02 Dona Demarsh
2002-03 Freda Ebert
2003-04 Lorna Jean Hagstrom
2004-05 Donna Johnston
2005-06 Samantha Raines
2006-07 Heather Garcia
2007-08 Jeanne Peterson
2008-09 Courtney Howard
2009-10 Cindy Chandler

Rachele Hyde Underhill 2010-11
2011-12 Sabrina Brees
2012-13 Suzanne Mark
2013-14 Pate Henderson
2014-15 Christine DeMichael
2015-16 Jennifer Hopson

2016-17 Loren Criche

2017-18 Melissa Prelec 

Rachel Myers 2018-19

Barbara Purvis 2019-20


History Synopsis 1929 - Present

1929   League formed – money came from donations and dues.  *Money donated to Hospital and to benefit other needy children and their moms.  *Voted down erection of a fountain in Central Park (next to post office).  *Members decided that welfare and not civic work was principal object of group.  *Harrelson family was helped with food, clothing and other assistance for more than a year.  *A relief committee was formed to screen and review requests for help.  *Benson Springs Orphanage – local doctors and nurses did tonsillectomies for 50 children and the league provided the assistance.  *Performed the Inaugural Annual Charity Ball at DeLand Hills Country Club $120.00 made.  *Rummage Sales.  *Raffles.  *36 members.

1930   Decided to confine activities to children under high school age.  *May Ponteaux, a child with tuberculosis was assisted by the League, County Commissioners and Sheriff Stone in keeping you in a sanitarium in Asheville, NC  until she regained her health.  *Raffled a 1930 Ford, an Austen, a turkey, 2 dolls, a puppy, radio, bike, toy car and a permanent wave.  *Benefit Bridge Parties held at the women’s Club.  *Suppers on the lawn before bank closings.  *Movies for the League provided by movie theatre managers.  *Movies made up of scenes of DeLand and its people and screened at the local movie house with sponsors making it possible.  *Selling Pencils 2,000 of them inscribed with Junior Welfare League – Building through Our Children.

 1931   Concentrated time and money on school lunches for underprivileged children.  *A League representative served on the home hygiene committee in public schools.  *League paid for dental care for 14 school children lacking it, paid for two tonsillectomies and one pair of glasses.

 1932   Served punch and assisted in formal opening of new library.  Dr. Kindred made a survey of school children and suggested that orange juice be added to their lunches.  He donated the oranges to the League and the league squeezed them.  

 1933  Co-sponsored with Stetson the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta “The Mikado.”  *Voted down substituting a school nurse instead of school lunches.  *Participated in the Armistice Day Parade*Fed 58 children school lunches for the year for $529.30

 Other various fund raisers in the early days – 1929 – 1937

*Talent Plays were tried several times and abandoned.  *Sponsored the operetta “Cinderella” with Stetson.  *Athletic Ventures – “Fat” and “Lean” Diamond ballgames with popular citizens participating.  *Girls baseball with popular lady citizens as opposing team captains*Golf matches between nationally known golfers.  *Sponsored baseball game made possible by the Minnesota Millers team that wintered in DeLand.  *Festivals and lectures series were tried and abandoned due to lack of interest.  *Art Tea with a bust of Robert E. Lee being unveiled by Professor Ganiere. *Premiere held when DeLand “went Hollywood”*“Little Helpers” were little girls in community who saved pennies and made contributions.  *Residents of DeLand contributed to group.  *Public bought raffle chances, being sold my members on street corners, attended dances and parties and ate the food cooked by members for suppers on the lawn

1937  65 Members:  *18 to 25 years of age changed in 1932 to 18 to 40.  *Out of school*Residents of DeLand.  *Attend 8 to 10 meetings.  *Dues for actives in 1931 were raised to $2.00 from $1.00.  *Meetings Places – Chamber of commerce, Woman’s Club, Eastwood Terrace, American Legion.  *Homeless, but had possessions.  *China supply – donated by members*Silver purchased through stamps on Octagon Soap.  *Roulette Wheel was built and was a fixture of all League Dances.  *Took over DeLand Country Club building for winter months in 1934.  Voted down in 1931 as too ambitious.  *Condition of building made it impractical after a few years

 1939  Public funds began to provide the school lunches focus changed to a nursery school for younger children.  Went strong and then when war began the nature of school changed from not just including underprivileged children but the children of those whose fathers had gone to war and mothers had gone to work

1942  League took over the Air Raid Warning Service which had been taken care of under the supervision of the businessmen of DeLand.

1943  League agreed to pay for Sunday night suppers at the Service Center for the Service men located in DeLand during war run by City.  Two League members were on duty each day except Sunday and the League kept the cookie jar filled.

1944  City had enough help for service center so League responded to request for Parks and Recreations to sponsor a Youth Canteen called “Swing-In” Leaguers served as chaperones, et cetera.

1945  Money making – Rummage Sales, Benefit Bridge and Radio Raffle.  *Service projects:  Sponsored partial Maintenance of DeLand Youth Council, Opened pre-school health clinic at Volusia County Health Center, Contributed Record Albums to Air Force Base in Orlando, Contributed to the Welch Convalescent Hospital in DB (for wounded servicemen).  *DeLand Hospital and Nurse’s Association – contributed $100 each.

1946  Rummage Sales, Doll Raffle, Benefit Bridge Party.  Preschool clinic, Milk for needy children.  *Donated money to hospital, Girl Scouts and Merchant’s Christmas parade. 

1948  Rummage Sale, Charity Ball, Doll Raffle at Christmas and Card Party.  *Volunteer workers for well-baby clinic.  * Volunteer workers for Girl Scouts.  *Membership drive for hospital.  *Milk and lunch programs at school.  *Donated money for veterans at Lake City Hospital.  *Donated $100 toward equipment for Jaycee Playground

1949  Food Basket Raffle, Two Rummage Sales, Benefit Bridge and Canasta Party.  *Supplied workers and money for hospital.  *Well baby clinic.  *$100 to Jaycee Playground for more equipment.  *Milk and free lunches for needy school children

1950  Rummage Sale, Thanksgiving basket raffle, Dance for profit and Bridge Party.  *Volunteer workers for well baby clinic.  *School lunch program and $100 to hospital

1951  Rummage sales, Sold Christmas Cards, Published a newspaper with cooperation of News Journal that earned $859.26, Card Party and cooked food sale.  *Donated $100 to hospital *Volunteers for well baby clinic.  *School lunch program.  *In charge of Mothers March on Polio.  *Sponsored blood bank drawing

1952  Began Thrift Store – first located in building donated by Mr. Conrad, Card Party *Blood Bank drawings.  *$25 donation to children’s museum, furnished workers (127 hours)*Well baby clinic workers.  *Manned desk at Fish Memorial for one month.  *Started a building fund for the thrift shop

 1953  Thrift shop, Card Party, Profit making dance.  *Hot lunch program.  *Hospital workers to cut surgical paper and manning visitor’s desk.  *Workers for well baby clinic

1954  Thrift shop.  *Hot lunches.  *Now staffing White well baby Clinic.  *Money to hospital and polio drive.  *Cutting surgical paper and manning desk at Fish Hospital.  *Held Silver Tea

1955  Thrift shop, Public Card party, 3 profit making dances.  *Milk and hot lunches for needy children at school.  *White well baby clinic.  *Manned desk at Fish Hospital. *Purchased wheel chair for Volusia County Clinic.  *Continued cutting paper for Fish Hospital

1956 Thrift Shop, Card party and Bundles Party.  *School lunches.  *Cutting paper and manning desk.  *Sponsoring blind student at St. Augustine.  *Contributed to March of Dimes.  *Sponsored a Brownie Troop.  *Furnished float for Christmas Parade

1957 Bundles Bazaar, Two profit making dances, Participated in National Petroleum Week and received a penny for each gallon of gas purchase on a specified day, Card Party and Thrift shop.*School lunch program.  *Donating money to hospital.  *Cutting paper for Fish Hospital.  *Presenting children’s Theatre play “The King’s Balcony.”  *Furnished float for Christmas Parade

1958  Bundles Bazaar, Thrift Shop.  *School lunches.  *$200 to Fish Hospital.  *Purchased chairs and tables for children’s room at DeLand Public Library.  *$200 to Children’s Museum*Presented a puppet show.  *Formed a sustaining group.  *Furnished worker for Fish Hospital

1959 Thrift Shop, Bundles Bazaar.  *School lunches.  *$100 to Children’s Museum.  *$100 to Fish Memorial.  *Cut paper for Fish Hospital.  *Assisted with cooking class at Children’s Museum.  *Furnished float for Christmas parade.  *Played hostess to JWL Convention at Hotel Putnam

1960  Thrift Shop, Bundles Bazaar.  *Donated money to Fish Memorial, West Volusia Memorial and Children’s Museum.  *Free lunch programs at schools.  *Helped library with traffic survey*Civic musical association.  *Staffed Red Cross headquarters for 2 weeks.  *Cut surgical paper at fish Hospital.  *Provided workers for Children’s Museum.  *Continued Children’s Theatre Program.  *Presented Puppet Show to schools.  *Furnished float for Christmas Parade

1961  Thrift Shop, Bundles Bazaar.  *Free lunch program.  *Money to children’s museum, Fish Memorial and West Volusia.  *Supplied workers for Red Cross office.  *Cut paper at Fish Memorial.  *Staffed desk at WVMH.  *Furnished float for Christmas Parade

1962  Thrift Shop, Bundles Bazaar, Sponsored Florida Symphony Orchestra in Youth Concert*Free lunch programs.  *Donated money to Children’s Museum, George marks gifted program, Red Cross Blood Bank, Fish and WVMH.  *Supplied receptionist 2 days a week to museum   *Donated Christmas gifts to mental health patients.  *Cut paper for Fish Memorial.  *Participate in civic roundtable.  *Supplied float for Christmas parade.

1963  Bundles Bazaar, Thrift Shop.  *Provided money to 44 families and support for 3 children at Florida School for Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine.  *School lunches and Gifts for mental patients.  *Suitcase museum and Get out the Vote.  *Sabin Oral Sunday.  *Nutcracker Ballet, Christmas float and Puppet show.  


1964  Thrift Shop moved and consignment began for members and public, Youth concert, Coppelia Ballet, Bazaar and raffle items purchased with trading stamps saved by members and family.  *56 families aided.  *6,999 free lunches*Continued monthly support of 3 children in St. Augustine blind school.  *Gifts for mental patients as Christmas.  *Cultural Exchange Project in cooperation with Association for Childhood Education and County School Office.

1965  Thrift Shop moved and renamed “Village Store”  Benefit luncheon and Fashion Show.  Selling bandeau bags created by members, Peter and the Wolf sponsored by League and presented by Stetson University Orchestra, Ballet Royal of Orlando brought 3 short ballets*Cultural Exchange Project completed.

1966  Village Store, Benefit luncheon and fashion show, bandeau bags and program sponsoring Grady and Louise Dancers from Daytona.  Puppet show presented to 22 area schools.

1967  Village Store, Tasting Tea and cookbooks featuring recipes “tasted” were sold.  *League undertook vision screening of area pre-school children.  *Christmas cards sent to DeLand servicemen in Viet Nam.  *School lunch program.  *Individual welfare cases.  *Sponsoring two children at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine.  *Tuition and transportation provided for a local handicapped child to attend Camp Challenge for two weeks.

1968  Thrift Store, Haunted House.  *Phasing out direct welfare such as buying groceries, but continued free lunch program.  *Vision Screening

1969  Thrift Store and Haunted House.  *Vision screening expanded to include all kindergartens*Puppet show presented to all West Volusia day schools and elementary schools.  *Two scholarships established at Evergreen Day School for culturally deprived children.  *Monthly contribution began to the Mental Health Association for the “Hot Line” telephone between DeLand and DB.  *School free lunch program continued to be number one charity

1970  Thrift store.  Endorsement of day care center for low income families was new project.  House was donated and moved to city owned lot.  League placed $3,000 in special account for renovation and equipment.  Free lunch program discontinued due to federal government takeover.  *Monthly contribution to Neighborhood center was instituted and lump sum contribution was placed in their Pregnancy fund.

1971  Thrift Store.  Village store redecorated, first Bundles.  Coffee help for sustainers.*Monthly support to Evergreen Day School.  *Neighborhood Center  *West Volusia Mental Health Hot Line.  *Puppet show was presented on dental health*800 copies were made of revised League cookbook.  *Christmas parade float*Funds used to furnish the new waiting from for WVMH.  *Pre-school vision screening continued with 682 children at 19 schools being screened.

1972  Village Store.  *Sugar and Spice air conditioner provided.  *PSVS program.  *Christmas float.

1973  Village Store moved.  Air conditioning added.  Still money making project.  *YMCA $1,000 donated to the building fund.  *Christmas float.  *Office equipment purchased for store *752 children were screened in PSVS program.

1974  Missing Information.

1975  Village Store, Toy sale at Store, Estate Sale from Deceased sustaining member’s donation of her home furnishings.  *Christmas Float.  *Bicentennial committee formed to participate in 1976 celebration.  *Pre-school vision screening and training other organizations to do the same.

1976  Missing Information.

1977  Village Store.  Bundles tea given by sustainers.  *Sponsoring benefit performance of The Man Who Came to Dinner held at Shoestring.  *Scoliosis screening in 7th, 8th and 9th grades  *PSVA was done only in DeLand. *Other organizations in other areas were trained and took over screening from League.

1978  Village Store – gets a facelift and Golden Tea held there.  *New cookbook introduced*Benefit disco dance held to raise funds for YMCA building.  *American Cancer Society Valentines Day Phantom Dinner Dance.  *Scoliosis screening and PSVA program.  *Christmas float.

1979  Village Store – performance of Annie Get Your Gun, Sale of Cookbook.  *Christmas float combined effort with Rotary for painting of Evergreen Day School.  *Hosts for ACS phantom dance.  *Stetson alumni calling fund drive.  *Entry in Orange City Frontier Day Parade*800 4 and 5 year olds were screened for amblyopia in nursery schools and kindergarten *Night meetings are begun on a smaller status.

1980  Village Store, Oktoberfest auction to raise funds for a fountain and sundial in front of Courthouse,, DeLand Delights Just for Kicks FOLLIES to benefit West Volusia YMCA for a multi-purpose room.  *Screening eyes for pre-school children.  *Craft classes for patients at Carol’s Care Center and preparing a program on drug and chemical abuse in conjunction with the House Next Door.  *ACS phantom ball.  *Christmas Float.  *Alumni telephone drive for Stetson.  *Bingo prizes provided for Carol’s Care Center.  *Entry in Orange City Frontier Day Parade.  *Coach of the Year award presented in memory of Tom E. Williams, Jr.

1981  Village Store main source of funds.  Placement program initiated.  *Pre-school vision screening.  *Chemical abuse awareness program and crafts for the elderly.  *Christmas float*ACS Phantom Ball assistance.  *Special Olympics at DeLand High School assistance*Hosting the reception at the dedication of the fountain and sundial at the Courthouse*Annual alumni phonathon for Stetson.  *Continuing training for “Where in the World is Art” presentations.

1982  Village Store and Christmas in the Pines – fundraiser tour of homes.  *Pre-school vision screening.  *Chemical abuse awareness program.  *Art Enrichment and Education.  *Ridge Crest Manor prizes for Bingo games.  *Hosted reception for opening of Human Resource Center.  *Float in Christmas parade.  *ACS uses name for the Phantom Ball invitation.  *Coach of the year award.  *Stetson’s alumni phonathon.  *Hosted Up With People cast and co-sponsors with community for AAUW, “Roofs and Roots.”  *Supported YMCA by assisting with a car-wash. 
*Continued to investigate a JSL privately-owned house.

1983  Village Store – Another Follies.  *Where In the World is Art.  *PSVS.  *Placement Evaluation Committee.  *House Committee.  *Drug Abuse and Public Affairs.  *Christmas float. *Stetson annual phonathon.  *Up With People hostesses and entry in OC Frontier Days Parade.

1984  Village Store, New Cookbook begun.  *$10,000 given to CAC to kickoff their fundraising.*$3,000 pledged to MainStreet DeLand program becoming a foundation sponsor.  *$500 given to Irish Children’s Fund.  *Along with housing delegates from Ireland.  *Village store renovated.*Patch the Pony.  *Picture People.  *Volunteer Resource Bureau.  *Individualized Placements.

1985  Village Store, Cookbook, toy sale.  *Changed name to JSL and changed uniforms.  *Revised by-laws.  *Placement continues with 11 choices to select from.  *Christmas float.*Held JSL convention.

1986  Village Store, Cookbook sales.  *Christmas parade entry with a 4x6 replica of the cookbook cover used to decorate the float.  *Where in the world is art placed permanently in DeLand Museum.

1987  Village store, Cookbook.  *Christmas at DeLand’s White House – Tour of Margaret Lee’s home at Christmas with reception featuring cookbook selections $12.00 included tour and a cookbook.  $7.00 for tour only.  *Placement included Cookbook, Village Store and VIPS.*Sponsored Eating Disorder Seminars at DeLand High School.  $12,000 given to House Next Door for a family counselor.  *Hosted a Sustainer Luncheon.

1988  Village Store, Cookbook.  *Project Fresh Start to revitalize and beautify DeLand High.  Members and husbands installed mini-blinds in all the classrooms.  *Ongoing project decided to be undertaken – build an outdoor terraced area adjacent to gym and auditorium to expand cafeteria space at DHS.  SockHop held and letters to alumni and patrons to help generate funds.  Almost 9,000 collected and this drive will continue.  *Recipe book received national distinction.  *60th anniversary tea held at Jaye Duva’s home.  Activities included a vintage uniform and fashion show throughout afternoon, flower corsages for past presidents and a copy of a special poem commemorating the day was handed out to all who were present.

1989  Village Store, Cookbook, Toy Sale at Store (provisionals offered and handled this fund-raiser).  *Celebrity auction – John E Evans auctioned off items requested from over 1,000 celebrities.  *Dedication of Project Fresh Start – after fundraising for two years.  $20,000 was raised and project finished.  *Village Store changed to new location.  Bundles.  *Horse drawn carriage in Christmas Parade with the horse having other ideas and not being willing to participate.  

1990  Village Store, Cookbook, Toy Sale (also overseen by provisionals.)  *Gourmet dinner raffles – Elegant Evening in Southern Splendor at Margaret’s and Roses and Romance held at the home of raffle winner.  *Projects adopted: All Children’s Playground (Freedom) was chosen as a two-year project.  *Were invited to Tallahassee from Rep. Dick Graham and the two-day trip included tours of the Governor’s Mansion and the Capital.  Meetings with other Reps were had to discuss important issues and to speak with some leaders of agencies the JSL supports.

1991 Village Store, Cookbook sales.  *Playhouse raffle – playhouse build and taken to different shopping centers throughout DeLand on Saturdays and raffles were sold.  $3,300 raised for playground.  *Now exclusively night meetings.  *Nominating committee provided for in by-laws revision.  *Sustainer tea.  *Placement included VIPS, DeLand Public Library, Easter Seals, Kid’s Zone and Ridgecrest Manor.  *Major project of course was Freedom Playground.

1992  Village Store making lots of money during this time.  *Queen for a Day raffle - $3,100 generated from this for Easter Seals of West Volusia.  *Sustainer Tea.  *Placement included VIPS.  *DeLand Public Library, Easter Seals and Domestic Abuse Council.  *Convention sponsored.

1993  Village Store, Final Year for Cookbook Sales, Toy Sale, Queen for a Day Raffle benefiting I-Care.  *Stetson Basketball game dedicated to Easter Seals.  Easter Seals netted $6,349.50 from this fundraiser.  *Sustainer Tea.  *Hosting a luncheon for invited guests of the Grant opening of the Stone Street building at Bill Dreggors Park.  *Ice Cream Booth for downtown festival.  *First ever children’s art project booth for Fall Festival of Arts.  *Thanksgiving baskets.  *Needy Christmas Family.  

1994  Village Store.  *Golf Tournament (over 7,000), Toy Sale, Queen for a Day, $1,600.  *735 hours of placement done in VIPS, United Way, DeLand Public Library, Domestic Abuse Council, CAC, Main Street DeLand and Easter Seals.  *Sustainer Tea.  *PIT Shower.  *Fall Festival children’s art.  *Mainstreet DeLand’s Santa’s Workshop decoration.  *DeLand High Homecoming – provided chaperones, decorations and refreshments.

1995  Village Store, Golf tournament, Toy Sale.  *Sustainer Tea, *Children’s booth at FFA.  *PIT shower.

1996  Village Store, Golf tournament.  *Sustainer Tea.  *1996 Olympic Torch participation to benefit United Way.  *Children’s Booth at FFA.  *PIT Shower.

1997  Village Store, Golf Tournament.  *Sustainer Tea.  *Children’s booth at FFA.  *Christmas needy families – 4 families benefited.  *Diaper shower to benefit PIT.  *Opening Night Benefit for Theater Center serving coffee and dessert after Arsenic and old Lace.  *Children’s Book Nook established at the Hospital.  *Sponsorship for the program printing of peter and the Wolf by the Stetson Community School of Music.

1998  Village Store, Golf Tournament.  *League Convention.  *Placement 289 hours to Theater Center, Sugar N Spice, WVHS, Mainstreet DeLand, Easter Seals and Village Store.  *Sustainer Tea.  *Trick or treat candy for Monsters on Mainstreet.  *PIT Shower.  *Needy family at Christmas – five this year.  *Children’s Booth at FFA.  *Sponsoring showing of Steal Away Home and providing refreshments.  *Village Store closed after over 50 years.

1999  Fishing Tournament and New Cookbook Begun.  *Lots of placement being done.  *Children’s Booth at FFA.

2000 - 2001  Fishing Tournament.  *Monsters on Mainstreet – candy donated for trick or treat.*Fall Festival of the Arts-Children’s booth.  *Adopt-A-Family.  *Sustainer Tea.  *DHS Bulldogs Football Game – worked concession stand.  *African American Museum.  *Holiday Playhouse Raffle-built and sold raffle tickets.  *Sustainer Mentor Program – Optional projects.  *PIT Project, Donated needed baby items to Parent Infant toddler Program at DHS.  *Storybook Theater – 
Mardi Gras Float.

2001 - 2002  Fishing Tournament.  *Holiday Playhouse Raffle.  *Sustainer Mentor Program.  *Operation Feed DeLand, members bring in can goods monthly and then distributed to local food pantries.  *Interfaith Kitchen-members cook/setup/service/clean.  *Trick or treat candy for Monsters on Mainstreet.  *Children’s booth at FFA.  *Adopt-A-Family.  *Sustainer Tea.  *DHS Bulldogs Football Game/Concession.


2002 - 2003  Holiday Playhouse Raffle.  *Sustainer Mentor Program.  *Operation Feed DeLand.  *Interfaith kitchen.  *Trick or Treat Candy for Monsters on Mainstreet.  *Children’s booth at FFA.  *Adopt-A-Family.  *Wild Wild West Show and Auction to purchase fingerprinting and photograph equipment for the DeLand PD – Optional Project.  *West Volusia Tour of Homes – served as guides in local historic homes.

2003 - 2004  Operation Feed DeLand.  *Interfaith Kitchen.  *Fingerprinting Partnership with DPD-members trained to use equipment.  *Trick or Treat candy for monsters on Mainstreet.  *Children’s booth at FFA.  *Adopt-A-Family.  *Sustainers Tea & 75th Anniversary Celebration.  *WWWS&A.  *JSL Convention  

2004 - 2005  Classy Treasure Sale.  *Clubhouse Raffle.  *Fingerprinting Partnership with DPD.  *Interfaith Kitchen.  *Work DHS Bulldog Concession Stand.  *Children’s booth at the Fall Festival of the Arts.  *Sustainer Tea.  *Needy Family.  *Sustainer Mentor Program.  *Monsters on Mainstreet Candy donation.  

2005 - 2006  Wild Wild West Show & Auction.  *Interfaith Kitchen.  *Monsters on Mainstreet.  *Fingerprinting Partnership with DPD.  *Classy Treasure Sale.  *Playhouse Raffle.    

2006 - 2007  Wild Wild West Show & Auction. *Playhouse Raffle.  *Warm Jackets for Cool Kids WJCK  *Children’s Booth at FFA.  *Needy Family.  *Interfaith Kitchen.  *Sustainer Appreciation Tea.  *Getting to Know your Charities.  

2007 - 2008  30 members, highest number in over six years * Convention – New Port Richey ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ * 5th annual Wild, Wild West Show & Auction – voted in another 5 years * cookbook project started ‘Still Steeped in Tradition’ * Sustainer Tea at the home of Dr.  & Mrs. Doug (Margaret) Lee before his retirement from Stetson University * Children’s booth FFA * Operation Caring through Sharing OCTS  - adopted one family to shop & deliver – another 7 families sponsored * 80 jackets for WJCK * 32 children and 10 families sponsored for  Christmas Surprise (new name for Needy Family Project) * Cleaned and donated to Children’s Home Society * donated to and worked Art Camp for CandleLighter’s – Children’s Cancer Foundation * donated to and mentored young girls with Girls on the Run * sponsored two InterFaith Kitchens * volunteered at the Bavarian Brewfest to support the Dutton House * Added Sustainer Liaison Committee * other donations included Boys & Girls Club, Children’s Medical Services, Queen/Heroes for a Day, Tristan’s Butterfly Garden, Visitation House (home for homeless pregnant young ladies – St. Peter’s Church) and Young Life of
West Volusia.


2008 - 2009  Convention – West Orange "The Marriage of Service and Social" * 6th annual Wild, Wild West Charity Auction * Cookbook completed and sales started ‘Still... Steeped in Tradition’ * Sustainer Tea at the home of Rosemary Grable * Children’s Booth at Fall Festival of the Arts. * Provided jackets for Warm Jackets for Cool Kids * Provided toys and clothing for the needy at 2 local elementary schools this year for Christmas Surprise * Interfaith Kitchen * "Womanned" the Bulldog Concession Stand for 2 home games * Hang 10 Volunteering for:  Volusia Honor Air, Wild Game Feast, B&G Club Steak & Steak Dinner, YMCA Youth Events, West Volusia Historical Society, Dutton House * Donations to: Grace House Pregnancy Resource Center, Parker's Pals, YMCA (Service Corps, Teen, Black Achievers), Florida Hospital of DeLand, Take Stock in Children, Girls on the Run, Operation Caring Thru Sharing, Tristen's Butterfly Garden, Boys and Girls Club of Spring Hill, Candlelighters-Children's Cancer Foundation, Visitation House, Young Life of West Volusia.

2009 - 2010  Convention – Brooksville "Mamma Mia" * 7th annual Wild, Wild West Charity Auction * Cookbook sales continue ‘Still... Steeped in Tradition’ * Sustainer Tea at the Bonker's Comedy Club *40 jackets for Warm Jackets for Cool Kids donated to Deland High School students * Bulldog Concession Stand * Christmas Surprise * Volunteered and donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation * Donated to and mentored young girls with Girls on the Run * Hang 10: Volunteering for:  Volusia Honor Air, Wild Game Feast, B&G Club Steak & Steak Dinner, YMCA Youth Events, West Volusia Historical Society, Dutton House *other donations included Boys & Girls Club, Florida Hospital DeLand, Joel Lawrence Foundation, Inc, Take Stock in Children, Tristan's Butterfly Garden, Visitation House, YMCA (Service Corps, Teen, Black Achievers).

2010 - 2011  Convention - DeLand "The 80's", to celebrate 80 Years of Excellence in Service * 8th Annual Wild, Wild West Charity Auction * Cookbook sale continue 'Still...Steeped in Tradition' * Fall Festival of the Arts * Sustainer Tea at DeLand Convention Center * 112 jackets for Warm Jackets for Cool Kids donated to DeLand area students * Bulldog Concession Stand * Christmas Surprise * Volunteered and donated Children's Cancer Foundation * Participated in the MGOM Dog Parade * Donated to and mentored young girls with Girls on the Run * Hang 10 Volunteering for:  Volusia Honor Air, Wild Game Feast, B&G Club Steak & Steak Dinner, YMCA Youth Events, West Volusia Historical Society, Dutton House * Chaperoned DeLand High School events * other donations included Boys & Girls Club, Florida Hospital DeLand, Girls with Guts, Joel Lawrence Foundation, Inc, Take Stock in Children, Tristan's Butterfly Garden, Visitation House, West Volusia YMCA.

2011 - 2012  Convention - St. Augustine "The Treasures of Service" 9th Annual Wild, Wild West Charity Auction * Cookbook sale continue 'Still...Steeped in Tradition'  * Sustainer Tea Designing Wines * 80 jackets for Warm Jackets for Cool Kids donated to DeLand area students * Bulldog Concession Stand* Christmas Surprise * Volunteered and donated Children's Cancer Foundation * Participated in the MGOM Dog Parade * Donated to and took part in mentoring young girls with Girls on the Run * Fab 5 Volunteering for:  Wild Game Feast, B&G Club Steak & Steak Dinner, * Chaperoned DeLand High School events.

2012 - 2013  9th Annual Wild Wild West Charity Auction.

2013 - 2014  First Wild Wild Winter 5K held at the DeLand Airport Industrial Park. Over 200 runners. 10th Annual Wild, Wild West Charity Auction * Cookbook sale continue 'Still...Steeped in Tradition'  * Sustainer Tea Designing Wines at BYTE* 80 jackets for Warm Jackets for Cool Kids donated to DeLand area students *  Christmas Surprise * Volunteered and donated Children's Cancer Foundation * Participated in the MGOM Dog Parade * Donated to and took part in mentoring young girls with Girls on the Run * Fab 5 Volunteering for:  Wild Game Feast, B&G Club Steak & Steak Dinner, * Chaperoned DeLand High School event.

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